Episode 42 – …and thanks for all the brews

We may not have the answers to Life, the Universe and Everything, but what we do have is another episode!  Amie and I are both excited about brewing this week and we’ve given ourselves a little homework in honor of that.  If you’re looking for a place to start with your own brew, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’re talking about this week.

If you’re an abstract thinker, or a lawyer, or you jsut want to know what Amie was talking about at the end of the show, you can check out some of her trial work here:


How will this apply to Magic you ask?  It’s all about what isn’t here; boiling things down to their essence and telling a story that everyone can understand.  Getting your deck to do just that will be a topic for the next show.  In the mean time, enjoy this one and we’ll both post our own brews during the week!

In which I amuse myself and also there are spoilers

So this got spoiled:

And I saw at least one “So is everyone going to join the Gatewatch now?” complaint.  Which seems fair.  If we have one of these every set or every block, I could see that getting old and it makes the stable of protagonists a bit large and unwieldy.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen.  And, while I’m no Flavor Judge, I ran through a quick checklist of other planeswalkers we know of (with help from @nostrangenames) and whether they’d be interested:

Other Planeswalkers reaction to the Gatewatch:

Venser – Dead
Xenagos – Also Dead
Elspeth – Mostly Dead
Tezzeret – Kinda Evil
Garruk – Probably Evil
Nicol Bolas – Super Evil
Ugin – Was kind of a jerk last time we met him, so probably no.
Kiora – Already bailed once
Tamiyo – Already said no
Narset – Too busy studying
Koth – Too busy pit fighting Phyrexians
Ashiok – Not really into making other people happy
Kaya – “This isn’t ghost murder”
Deretti – Too iconoclastic
Dack Fayden – Not enough phat lewt
Sarkhan – Living the Dragon life, so no
Arlinn – Living the Werewolf life, so also no
Ral Zarek – Maybe?
Vraska – Yeah.  This seems like a great idea.  Go for it.
Nahiri – Deserves a break and probably wouldn’t be invited anyway.
Sorin – Hahahaha.  No.

So… maybe Sparky, assuming there’s some good story reason for him to show up somewhere that isn’t Ravnica?  I would look forward to the Oath of Ral Zarek card which would, based on my experience,  be something like, “Whenever you cast a planeswalker spell, flip a coin.  If you lose the flip, look sad.  If you win the flip, IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE YOU ARE NEVER WINNING THE FLIP.”

Episode 41 – GP Prep Extravaganza

Are you playing in a GP this year?  Maybe more than one?  If you haven’t thought about it, we both think you should.  Big tournaments have kind of become conventions in the last few years and they offer a little something for everyone, from the most hardcore folks looking for pro points to those who just want to get in a draft or two with folks from out of town.

If you are planning on going, we have some things you might want to think about on the show this week, from how to prepare yourself ahead of time to what to expect when you get there.  Overall, we think there’s a lot of fun to be had and recommend you getting ready to have as much of it as you can stand.  Enjoy!

Episode 40 – It’s like we never left! and also tilt

So… it’s kinda empty around here…

Due to a combination of factors, I missed a critical notice from our hosting provider and we lost all of the website content last week.  All of it.  Words can’t express how hard that was for Amie and I both, as we love everything we’ve created and to have so much go missing all at once was devastating.  If anyone reading this has anything saved, especially anything before episode 30 (I have backups of everything after that), please let us know.  You can reach us both on twitter or email and we’d love to be able to recreate, even just in part, the website that was here before.

But we’re not just here to cry on your shoulders.  We also talk a lot about tilt this week (no coincidence!); about how devastating and how personal various things can be and how to start to be aware of it, which is the first step toward beating tilt so it doesn’t beat you.

Episode 39 – Fun with words and Momir Basic

Neither Amie nor I had time for any serious Magic or serious topics this week, but we did have plenty of time to laugh at ourselvs and, by extension, all of you about the ridiculous things that we say in the Magic community. We talk about some obscure and not so obscure slang this week and then move on to one of the most entertaining ways you can play Magic: Momir Basic. If you haven’t tried it, you really should; nothing beats the sheer randomness of getting a Platinum Angel one turn and then a Denizen of the Deep a few turns later (when you’re already at -10 life…) Listen and then give it a try yourself!