Episode 40 – It’s like we never left! and also tilt

So… it’s kinda empty around here…

Due to a combination of factors, I missed a critical notice from our hosting provider and we lost all of the website content last week.  All of it.  Words can’t express how hard that was for Amie and I both, as we love everything we’ve created and to have so much go missing all at once was devastating.  If anyone reading this has anything saved, especially anything before episode 30 (I have backups of everything after that), please let us know.  You can reach us both on twitter or email and we’d love to be able to recreate, even just in part, the website that was here before.

But we’re not just here to cry on your shoulders.  We also talk a lot about tilt this week (no coincidence!); about how devastating and how personal various things can be and how to start to be aware of it, which is the first step toward beating tilt so it doesn’t beat you.