Episode 45 – Live (kinda) from GP San Jose

While Amie and I take great joy in bringing you this podcast ourselves, sometimes we need a little help to bring you the very best.  This week, we got that help from YOU (for 25 distinct values of you) at GP San Jose as Amie took a few minutes to ask everyone a few questions about Magic and their place in it.

Personally, this might be my favorite show (and not just because I barely had to talk!) because it really does showcase the community of people that we belong to.  We both encourage people to not just learn to play the game, but to participate in the whole Magic ecosystem and it’s great to hear from everyone who is already doing so and encouraging others to do the same.  Give it a listen!

Hannah mentioned the group Play It Forward, a non-profit group providing assistance and incentive for more women to join the pro Magic community.  You can find their website here:  http://www.playitforward-magic.org/#/