Episode 46 – Tuning up Double Moon Walkers

So yeah there was a Pro Tour this weekend and making infinite cats is less of a thing than many people thought it would be and it turns out that disintegrating things (with or without a license) is actually far more effective than some people thought it would be and seriously people do you really need to be told that?  I’ll happily take the role of the disintegration hipster, vaporizing things long before it was cool and not letting The Man stop me with licensing fees and excessive mana requirements.

But since the Pro Tour failed to capture our attention, we’re chatting tonight about deck tuning with Amie’s latest Modern deck, as well as talking about her play experience with it so far.  She’ll be posting the deck lists soon, but you can hear her commentary RIGHT NOW by clicking here:

As mentioned, hypergeometric calculation is both an incredibly nerdy thing to say and also super useful.  You can use the internet to avoid learning math by clicking here:


Finally, Gavin Verhey’s excellent articles over on the mothership are here too, along with a brief summary of the points he discusses:


  1. The card creates inevitability
  2. The card is a tutor target
  3. The card is an occasionally unwieldy, occasionally high-impact draw
  4. You’re splitting or supplementing
  5. The card is a surprise that can turn the game


  1. The card is extremely situational
  2. The card is uncharastically expensive to cast in your deck
  3. Your deck has the time to find it
  4. You’re splitting or supplementing
  5. You don’t have enough information


  1. You don’t want to draw this card in multiples
  2. The card is expensive to cast for your deck
  3. The card requires setup
  4. The card is best against certain kinds of decks
  5. You’re splitting or supplementing


  1. You need to draw the card early on
  2. The card is good at all stages of the game
  3. The card is inherently very powerful
  4. The card is a combo piece
  5. The card is even better in multiples