Episode 51 – Something something top 5 esports something

Can we all take a moment to realize that Amie really is living the dream?  Like… the dream.  The one you had as a kid when you realized that ice cream was awesome and it has to come from somewhere and so you were going to be the president of ice cream or the pope of ice cream or at least some kind of Ice Cream Executive and wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, Amie is that president/pope/executive, so we’re giving her a break this week to do her own brand of delicious magic while I call up Mario so we can talk about ours.  Specifically, about esports, Magic, and how one of these things is not like the other, but would really really like to be.  Also, we both think the Invocations from Amonket look pretty cool and we’re not ashamed to say it.  Enjoy!

Want more thoughts about esports?  Mario recommends an excellent vlog post about watchability in esports, which is totally a word despite the red squiggles that are trying to tell me otherwise.  You can see it here:

Episode 50 – Interactivity and Fairness with Erin Campbell

Well, a bout of laryngitis almost meant that you all didn’t get an episode this week, but fortunately we get by with a little help from our friends.  In this case, our friend is the lovely and talented Erin Campbell, who comes on every 25 episodes (we’ve just discovered) to grace us with her wit, charm, and perspective.  We talk about how incredibly busy Erin’s life is as part of the Magic community, interactivity and fairness in Magic, whatever the hell 150 card Scapeshift is, and the fact that I am not now, nor will I ever be, pregnant with a human child.  Enjoy!

150 card Scapeshift!?! That can’t be real… can it? 

Want more Erin Campbell?  Well, get in line.

The line starts with the Girlfriend Bracket, which you can find over here.

And it continues with Magic Mics, which you can find here.

Episode 49 – MOCS, MM2017, and Cube!

We had one thing to talk about this week.  ONE THING.  And then, well, things happened.  Listen and see what I mean…

The finals of the MOCS (Magic Online Championship Series) was this weekend and a big congratulations to Josh Utter-Leyton for taking the whole thing down.  This is a great event to watch and, if you missed the live show, there are still some replays you can (and should!) see over here:


Also, in case you missed the flood of announcements this last week, Modern Masters 2017 is almost upon us and the flood of value we are forecasting is absolutely incredible.  So many great cards getting reprinted means that the Modern format should be that much more accessible to everyone and we couldn’t be more excited.  If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can check out the visual spoiler for the set over here:


And finally, Cube!  There are a lot of great cube resources, as we mentioned on the show.

Cube Tutor, a great repository of cube lists. 

Cube building advice from Melissa DeTora. 

Cube playing advice from Reid Duke. 

And finally, Nick Nobody’s cube blog, which is some of the most thorough analysis I’ve seen of cube designs.