Episode 51 – Something something top 5 esports something

Can we all take a moment to realize that Amie really is living the dream?  Like… the dream.  The one you had as a kid when you realized that ice cream was awesome and it has to come from somewhere and so you were going to be the president of ice cream or the pope of ice cream or at least some kind of Ice Cream Executive and wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, Amie is that president/pope/executive, so we’re giving her a break this week to do her own brand of delicious magic while I call up Mario so we can talk about ours.  Specifically, about esports, Magic, and how one of these things is not like the other, but would really really like to be.  Also, we both think the Invocations from Amonket look pretty cool and we’re not ashamed to say it.  Enjoy!

Want more thoughts about esports?  Mario recommends an excellent vlog post about watchability in esports, which is totally a word despite the red squiggles that are trying to tell me otherwise.  You can see it here: