Episode 53 – Would you like to play a game?

Once again, spoiler season is upon us and once again, Magic delivers.  Personally, I always expect that maybe this time I won’t be as excited for the new mechanics, the new art, the Thing That Seems Too Good To Be True But Actually Isn’t, and the Thing That Doesn’t Look That Good Yet But Then OMG This Is Exactly What Was Needed In My Bew 42 land Swans Kiki Jund Affinity deck.  And yet, I’m always excited.  Every time.  That’s why I’m still here.

And, to be 100% serious, is actually Important.  To have something that lets us unplug and unwind.  To give us reasons to go out and meet new people and have new experiences.  To give us all a shared language that’s one of happiness.  So yeah, we get a little political in this one, and a little philosophical too.  Because play and rest and happiness are all just as important as the Big Important Things that might be otherwise occupying our time and minds and hearts.  If you feel like listening to us talk about a game for 90 minutes is a guilty pleasure, let Amie and I remind that there is no such thing and take a well deserved break with us.

Episode 52 – The Price of Progress

This seems obligatory:

I’m sure there’s a ridiculous combo here somewhere, but we don’t mention it on this show at all.  In fact, apart from one passing mention of 42 land Swans, we don’t have anything to say about cards today.  Instead, we decided to look at and around the side of our favorite game that is always there, but often glanced over: the business.  Want to know why Standard is stale, why mistakes are made, why Tournament Organizers exist and why we trust Channel Fireball in 2018?  Its because those dollars are pretty important to the people who not only love the game and want to see it succeed, but whose rent and car payments are dependent on it doing so.  If you believe in seeking first to understand, there’s maybe something here to be enlightened by.  Enjoy!

Oh, and 42 land swans?  IT IS GLORIOUS.