Episode 54 – Sharing your Spark with Hallie Santo

Hello again everyone!  One of the most magical (yes, I went there) things about our game is the way so many different people from all different backgrounds can play together.  I’ve been able to share a game of Magic with someone who I didn’t share a language with, but we both understood how to tap cards, cast spells, and that Inferno Titan into Wurmcoil Engine was a pretty good play.

But personally, I’m not content with the people we have: I’m constantly wanting more!  More coworkers, more kids, more random people who happen to be nearby when I’m idly shuffling cards to come and join us.  Amie and I talk this week with Hallie Santo, Community Manager for Card Kingdom (my personal LGS) about the fun of teaching others and some tips for doing so.  Have a listen!

Oh, did you need even more of a reason to listen?  How about some brand new Battle Decks from Card Kingdom!  Battle Decks are a great way to get someone who’s learned the game a little deeper in and they’re a lot of fun even for those of us who’ve been around a year or 5.  Listen to the show, tweet at us (@plnswalkerguide) with your tips for teaching new players, and we’ll send you the new ones as soon as they’re available.  Thanks Card Kingdom!