Episode 55 – Blind Ambition

Trying to find our own blind spots is tough.  By definition, we can’t see what we can’t see and so we can often wander, convinced that we just need a little more practice (which is often also true), when maybe we have a revelation and a real level up waiting for us if only we could see it.

Well, if you can’t see your own blind spots, allow us to help a bit by pointing out… Amie’s.  Specifically, for David Ochoa to point out Amie’s and for it to spark a discussion between them and us that was so important, it took us a whole extra week to record it!  There were actually no technical issues at all on my part, just a desire to completely practice this episode at least once to get it juuuuuuust right before bringing it to you.  And here it is!

We mentioned the Fearless Magic Inventory, something that started with Sam Stoddard’s article way back in the ancient times of 2007 and was revived by Graeme McIntyre last year.  Take it, be honest, and see if looking deep into yourself can revel something you’ve been missing!